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Epub 3 Differences Between Mass
Epub 3 Differences Between Mass

epub 3 differences between mass


Epub 3 Differences Between Mass ->


























































Epub 3 Differences Between Mass



Features that have been removed: Feature EPUB 2.0 EPUB 3.0 Impact/Functionalities Alternative syntax to XHTML DTBook HTML5 semantic markup DTBook is no longer analternative syntax Out-of-Line XML Islands Yes No element no longer has an optional attribute fallback-style Tours element Yes No Package document no longer includes element Guide element Yes No Deprecated in favour of navigation document feature Now that EPUB 3 has been released, the impact it has will be largely determined by how fast publishers adopt the standard and how quickly device makers adapt their devices. [OPS2] Open Publication Structure 2.0.1 . AppendixA.Acknowledgements and Contributors This appendix is informativeEPUB has been developed by the International Digital Publishing Forum in a cooperative effort, bringing together publishers, vendors, software developers, and experts in the relevant standards.The EPUB 3 specifications were prepared by the International Digital Publishing Forums EPUB Maintenance Working Group, operating under a charter approved by the membership in May, 2010 under the leadership of:Gylling, Markus (DAISY Consortium) ChairConboy, Garth (Google Inc.) Vice-chairDuga, Brady (Google Inc.) Vice-chair, Subgroup LeadMcCoy, Bill (International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF)) SecretaryKasdorf, Bill (Apex CoVantage) Subgroup LeadMURATA, Makoto (JEPA EPUB Study Group) Subgroup LeadSorotokin, Peter (Adobe) Subgroup LeadActive members of the working group included:IDPF MembersAbrams, Willie (Ingram Digital) Acton, Daniel (Google) Allesi, Ana Maria (HarperCollins) Amos, Dan (DNAML (DNL eBooks)) Arany, Steve (John Wiley & Sons) Artin, Michael (Barnes & Noble) Badger, Brandon (Google) Ballard, Kevin (Apple Inc.) Beard, Elliot (HarperCollins) Belfanti, Paul (Pearson) Bell, Graham (EDItEUR) Bide, Mark (EDItEUR) Bogaty, Nick (Adobe) Bowers, Micah (Bluefire Productions) Brantley, Peter (Internet Archive) Breglio, Melissa (Apple Inc.) Broome, Karen (Sony) Brugge, John (Benetech) Carbonell, Oliver (Sony) Chang, Phobos (Chinese Foundation for Digitization Technology) Chen, Mei-Li (Institute for Information Industry) Chen, Peter (ITRI) Choi, Soo (HarperCollins) Chow, King-Wai (ASTRI (Hong Kong Applied Science & Technology Research Institute)) Clutter, Mat (Random House) Conboy, Garth (Google) Cramer, Dave (Hachette Book Group) Cronin, Margot (Bowker) Daly, Liza (Threepress) De Meulemeester, Eric (Jouve/Publishing Dimensions) DeMeglio, Marisa (DAISY Consortium) Deltour, Romain (DAISY Consortium) Dougherty, Casey (Apple Inc.) Drake, Jama (Impelsys) Duga, Brady (Google) Elliott, Ray (Crossway) Fahlgren, Keith (Threepress) Fain, Guy (Crossway) Freese, Eric (Aptara) Gardeur, Hadrien (Feedbooks) Gold, Eric (Digital Divide Data) Goodwin, Jonathan (Appfoundry) Gopinath, Anith (Impelsys) Gosling, Andreas (Penguin) Grazioli, Frank (John Wiley & Sons) Gunn, Dave (RNIB) Gylling, Markus (DAISY Consortium) Haas, Matt (Pearson) Hadfield, Tom (CourseSmart) Hagino, Masaaki (Voyager Japan) Hawkins, Kevin (University of Michigan Library) Hayashi, Junichi (Voyager Japan) Heiberger, Richard (HarperCollins) Hepp, Mike (Dartmouth Journal Services) Herren, Matthew (BlankPage) Hisashi, Saiga (Sharp) Hoda, Hisashi (Voyager Japan) Howard, William (Easypress) Hughes, Dan (Liguori Publications) Hulse, Leslie (HarperCollins) Imsieke, Gerrit (le-tex) Jain, Anupam (Innodata Isogen) Jie, Fan (Gansu DUZHE Digital Sci&Tech) Johnson, Rick (Ingram Digital) Jung, Kanghee (Incube Technologies) Kakar, Samir (Aptara) Kanai, Takeshi (Sony) Kasdorf, Bill (Apex CoVantage) Kasher, Bob (BookMasters and Newgen Imaging) Kato, Kazuyuki (East Co.) Keating, Patrick (Bluefire Productions) Kerscher, George (DAISY Consortium) Kida, Yasuo (Apple Inc.) Kim, Jean (Barnes & Noble) Kim, HyunYoung (Incube Technologies) Kim, Terry (INKA Entworks) Kitagawa, Masahiro (Impress Holdings) Koike, Toshiaki (Voyager Japan) Kok, Dan (Crossway) Kotrch, Steve (Simon & Schuster) Larroque, Benoit (Feedbooks) Levantovsky, Vladimir (Monotype Imaging) Lu, Cho-Chin (Institute for Information Industry) Lynch, Ryan (Apple Inc.) MacFarlane, James (Easypress) Makower, Dave (Apple Inc.) Mandelbaum, David (Barnes & Noble) Manis, Will (Metaplates) McCloy-Kelley, Liisa (Random House) McCoy, Bill (IDPF) Menzies, Tracey (HarperCollins) Mitchell, Chris (Random House) Moore, Helen (HarperCollins) Muller, Eric (Adobe) Murata, Makoto (JEPA EPUB Study Group) Mussinelli, Christina (Associazione Italiana Editori) Nagai, Yoshinori (Sharp) Novelli, Joe (Sony) O'Connor, Edward (Apple Inc.) Ohmura, Yoshinori (Impress Holdings) Olenick, Michael (Bowker) Oshiyama, Taka (East Co.) Pagano, Pat (Barnes & Noble) Picco, Marty (AppFoundry) Prabhu, John (HOV Services) Pritchett, James (Learning Ally (formerly RFB&D)) Rao, Vishnu (Sharp Laboratories) Rivlin, John (Google) Rubino, Frank (Kaplan Publishing) Ruffino, Daniel (Penguin) Rui Hua, Wang (Gansu DUZHE Digital Sci&Tech) Ruse, Tyler (LibreDigital) Sanicola, Daniel (Penguin) Schirmer, Lorenz (Monotype Imaging) Shiohama, Daihei (Voyager Japan) Shrivastava, Abhishek (CourseSmart) Slavin, Wayne (Barnes & Noble) Slye, Christopher (Adobe) Smith, Michael (IDPF) Soiffer, Neil (Design Science) Sorotokin, Peter (Adobe) Stevenson, Tobias (eBookArchitects) Tahara, Kyoji (Toppan Printing) Takase, Hiroshi (East Co.) Tallent, Joshua (eBookArchitects) Tanabe, Shu (Toppan Printing) Thomas, Vinu (Impelsys) Tsumagari, Koichiro (Voyager Japan) Valentine, Chelsea (LibreDigital) Vangage, Peter (Harlequin) Vido, Ariel (Geografica Editora) Wait, John (Pearson) Walkley, George (Hachette Book Group) Watters, Kevin (Harlequin) Webster, Roger (Barnes & Noble) Weck, Daniel (DAISY Consortium) Wei, Selena (Chinese Foundation for Digitization Technology) White, Russell (Random House) Wiles, Alexis (Overdrive, Inc.) Witwer, Adam (O'Reilly) Wright, Ric (Adobe) Young, Liz (Crossway) Zu, Alex (ASTRI (Hong Kong Applied Science & Technology Research Institute)) Invited Experts/ObserversBowes, RickCazenove, RhysCollingridge, PeterCook, MikeEtemad, Elika J. Refer to HTML5 Extensions and Enhancements [ContentDocs30] and HTML5 Deviations and Constraints [ContentDocs30] for complete information.3.1.2 SVGSVG documents can now appear in the spine in EPUB 3 (i.e., SVG no longer needs to be nested within an XHTML document).3.1.3 MathMLSupport for MathML [ContentDocs30] is new in EPUB Semantic InflectionA method for inflecting domain-specific semantics in XHTML Content Documents using attributes has been added. Audio and Video3.6.2. MPS Blog HomeAbout MPS EPUB 3 vs.


Publication Metadata and Identity3.7.2. EPUB 3 Changes from EPUB 2.0.1. Powered by the Publisher Platform (P3). Font Obfuscation 3.6. Features like SVG, multiple stylesheets, OTF fonts and Metadata.


.. [OCF2] Open Container Format 2.0.1 . Out-of-Line XML Islands4.1.3. (LogOut/Change) You are commenting using your Google+ account. Bindings 3.5.


Recommended Specification 11 October 2011. Content Documents3.1.1. EPUB 2.0 MPS Blog epub [&] Reply Reshared post from Milad Khajavi Andalys says: February 26, 2012 at 11:37 am [&] EPUB 3 vs. Enables dynamic horizontaland vertical layouts. Manifest Fallbacks3.10. [Z3986-2005] ANSI/NISO Z39.86-2005: Specifications for the Digital Talking Book . HTML53.1.2. Scripting and Interactivity3.4.1. EPUB 2.x (via the OCF Filesystem container and by being relatively vague in the OPF specification about where absolute URLs were legal) can be considered to have incompletely described distributed publications without specifying conformance requirements for them. The following sections describe these changes.2.1 Changes in Document Organization In order to help those familiar with EPUB 2.0.1 to understand the mapping of information in EPUB 3, the following table shows where information in EPUB 3 is located relative to the EPUB 2.0.1 specifications.Specification Document OrganizationAreaEPUB 3 SpecificationEPUB 2.0.1 SpecificationOverviewEPUB 3 Overview(throughout)Publication-level Specification & Package DocsEPUB Publications 3.0Open Packaging Format 2.0.1Content-level SpecificationEPUB Content Documents 3.0Open Publication Structure 2.0.1EPUB Navigation DocumentsEPUB Content Documents 3.0N/A (NCX referenced as DAISY specification)Media OverlaysEPUB Media Overlays 3.0N/AContainer packagingEPUB Open Container Format 3.0Open Container Format 2.0.1Changes from previous versionEPUB 3 Changes from EPUB 2.0.1(throughout)2.2 Changes in Terminology Maintaining consistent use of terminology from EPUB 2.0.1 to EPUB 3 was a consideration during development, but changes in document organization, feature set and conformance requirements inevitably resulted in a number of changes.Each specification contains a Terminology section near the top that defines and explains the new terms (e.g., Terminology [Publications30]).


Embedded Fonts3.5.3. Granted, not all readers support it, but that is a different story. Refer to Manifest item Properties [Publications30] and Spine itemref Properties [Publications30] for more information.3.8 SpeechMultiple features to assist Text-to-Speech (TTS) engines have been added. .. 3.10.2 Whitespace in MIMETYPE file[OCF2] restricted the required MIMETYPE file from having any leading or trailing spaces; in [OCF3] the restriction against trailing whitespace has been removed.3.10.3 Disallowed characters in OCF file namesThe list of characters disallowed in OCF file names has been extended.3.11 XML and UnicodeSupport for XML 1.1, which was deprecated in OPS 2.0.1, has been removed.

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